How much is renovating a home really going to cost?

The amount you see on your contract may give you a rough idea of how much you’ll need to spend, but it isn’t often the final sum. There’s more to renovating than doing your floors and walls! It’s also about turning the bare space liveable – with furnishings, appliances or additional carpentry.

Which comes the big question: Just how much more will you need to fully furnish a home? To manage your finances (and expectations) better, here’s a cost breakdown of basic features and items that you’ll need to factor in for each area of your home.

Before we start…

Interior Designer: ELPIS Interior Design

Every renovation is unique – there’s no hard and fast rule to computing the correct ‘budget’ you should set aside. Estimated, average figures listed here are based on data we’ve collected from multiple interior designers and home furnishing stores. Also, do note that these prices here are slightly on the higher end, so as to provide you some extra leeway in your budget. (Don’t cry foul just yet!)

1. Living and Dining Room

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

The room that gets the most eyeballs and impressions, your living area is where the entire theme of your home is defined. Feature walls or statement pieces will often come on display in here – and prices may vary according to the materials (laminate, Craftstone, wood panels) used. Craftstone may be more expensive than other feature wall alternatives like wallpaper or laminates, but laminates with it’s wider variety of effects and improved quality are slowly catching up in terms of price.

Craftstone feature wall. Interior Designer: Boon Siew D’sign

Because most people will gather around and spend time in the living room – comfort and functionality is key. Seating solutions, such as sofas or armchairs will take up a chunk of your budget. Do remember that the cost will also be affected by the brand, material (fabric vs leather) and size (two-seater, L-shaped) you select.

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Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

While many consider it to be a separate area, dining rooms are often found near or within a living room. Thus, we have included price estimates for a basic 4-seater dining set in this breakdown as well.

2. Kitchen