Wondering if a natural light or an ambient light will work best for your living or work space? If you have absolutely no idea what the different lighting types are, then follow us on this enlightening (pun intended) journey to find out what the five different lighting types are and their uses.

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1. Natural light

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True to its name, natural light refers to lighting from the natural environment. Natural light plays a major role in our perception of space. Spaces lit naturally tend to feel more spacious and expansive compared to spaces lit by artificial lighting. Aesthetics wise, the colours of a room become more vibrant under natural lighting.

This is why so many offices and small rooms have large windows which allows more sunlight to enter. With a feel of larger space and visually pleasing colours, you will be cozy and comfortable.

2. Ambient light

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The goal of ambient lighting is to provide even, overall light to a room. Ambient lighting can comprise both artificial light from light fixtures as well as natural light from the sun. It ensures that a room is comfortable and that you can make your way around the room without tripping on unseen obstacles.

The mood of a room greatly depends on the way you organize ambient lighting. This is most often done through the use of recessed lighting or a beautiful chandelier. Wall-mounted lighting like a sconce also does the trick.

3. Task light

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Task lighting refers to any lighting that helps to facilitate a particular visual task. It is important for performing specific tasks, like reading, doing homework, cooking or getting ready in the bathroom.

Stylish table lamps and floor lamps are perfect for this purpose in living areas and bedrooms as they are both functional and decorative. If you are one who enjoys hanging pretty pictures on the wall, a picture lighting can help to accentuate your art.

4. Accent light

Accent lighting serves a mainly aesthetic purpose, highlighting specific parts of a room that are desirable. Attention can be directed toward a furniture or a wall hanging through the creation of contrasts in light and shadow.

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Wall washers and directional spotlights work in symphony with decorative lamps to break up the uniformity of a room’s ambient lighting and add extra depth.

5. Aesthetic light

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As its name suggests, these type of lightings not only make the lighting of space beautiful, they themselves are a stunning sight to behold. They come in various shapes, sizes and patterns.

Aesthetic lights help to accentuate the mood you wish to create for your home and beautify the space. For homes with simple layout of furniture and room design, aesthetic lighting adds that extra touch needed to make your home special.


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